PFEFFEL (Théophile-Conrad) - 1736 / 1809

Born on June 28, 1736, in Colmar, this alsatian blind writer devoted his life to litterature and to the study of military tactics.
Poet most of all, he used fables as a way of political and social criticism. Pfeffel showed himself there engaged author, destroyer of the absolutism of the princes, anticlerical and close to underprivileged persons. He also left a work in particularly important prose and was a co-worker of a feminine magazine.
1773, he founded ( with the King's Louis the 15th authorization ) a military academy in Colmar. Originally reserved for young Protestants nobles who intended to make a career in the army, the school enlarged its recruitement and its functions so it would become a "suitable academy for every State and every country". T.C. Pfeffel deceased in 1809, in his native town.

 Two commemorative tablets exist in Colmar, one on his native house 41, Grand Rue, the other on the building who sheltered his school, 15, rue Chauffour.